Ever lose your keys… or worse, your phone?! Nothing will send you into a mild panic like forgetting where you put something, especially something valuable!

Because we’re human, we’re all prone to forget things… but what happens when we forget about God and his goodness? Or we lose sight and forget about his mercy and grace?

Way back in the day before computers and even a way to print, one of the ways that people remembered things was to share stories. They would pass on God’s goodness and his mercy and grace by telling stories of what God had done in them and through them!

The Bible says in Psalm 107:2, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so…” That means that if God has done a work in your life, share it! Talk about it so that you will be reminded and remind others of who God is and how amazing he is!

On November 7th, we'll come together at United Night and tell stories of who god is and what He's done.