Peru 2020

July 18-27, 2020

Cost: $3550

Age: Students age 13 and up

Partnering with one of the most influential local churches in South America, we will have the opportunity to minister in Lima and the surrounding areas with Camino de Vida. Over the years, Camino de Vida has figured out the most effective ways to reach their city and their country. Inviting people to awesome church services at multiple sites throughout Lima, mixed with incredible compassion ministries, has given them influence with the Peruvian people, which ultimately turns ears and hearts toward Jesus. *Website:

Our team will be ministering out of the La Victoria campus, where their compassion ministry is based and will consist of outreach to children and families in need along with inviting them into the Camino de Vida family.

For more information and to apply for this trip, go here.